January 24, 2017

Dataset Submission

Dataset Submission Form

Submit dataset metadata for your project here.  If you are uploading a dataset, you do not need to fill in this form. Instead please add dataset in the DataHub.

* indicates required field

Name should be the same as the project you submitted.

Provide a meaningful name for the resource. The name will assist users.

If you are not uploading the data into CanWIN, please provide the link to your dataset.

Temporal Coverage

The span of time from/to which the data is applicable. If the data only applies to a single point in time you should only fill in the Data Collection Start Date box.

Last date data was revised.

Research Area

Choose a Study Site from the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base. Include Toponymic Feature ID if there is more than one name location
•Coordinates MUST be between -90 and 90 for latitudes and between -180 and 180 for longitudes.
•Latitude is zero on the equator and positive in the northern hemisphere.
•Longitude is zero on the Greenwich meridian and negative to the west across America.
•For studies that cover the entire Arctic region, we suggest using 50 to 90 as latitudinal and 180 to -180 as longitudinal limits.

If more than one dataset is included in this project, each dataset may have individual privacy concerns. Choose whether to make it publicly available or only shareable with those within your organization (private).

Stipulate how often the dataset is updated e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, annually, as required etc.

The data should be released in at least one open format e.g. CSV, XML, HTML, JSON, KML, GML, TXT, API. You can also release the native version of the data.

Privacy Statement

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