January 24, 2017

Dataset Submission

Dataset Submission Form

Submit dataset metadata for your project here.  If you are uploading a dataset, you do not need to fill in this form. Instead please add dataset in the DataHub.

* indicates required field

Name should be the same as the project you submitted.

Provide a meaningful name for the resource. The name will assist users.

Keywords (or Tags) represent the key topics of your dataset and help people find your dataset via the search engine. A dataset about Water Quality sampling on the LaSalle could have keywords such as water quality, LaSalle, nutrients, analysis.

If you are not uploading the data into CanWIN, please provide the link to your dataset.
If the data is being hosted on the CanWIN you do not need to fill in this part of the form. You will fill it in when you upload your data.

Temporal Coverage

The span of time from/to which the data is applicable. If the data only applies to a single point in time you should only fill in the Data Collection Start Date box.

Last date data was revised.

Choose a Study Site from the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base. Include Toponymic Feature ID if there is more than one name location

Stipulate how often the dataset is updated e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, annually, as required etc.

The Digital Object Identifier is a permanent identifier PER dataset (resource). It is assigned by CanWIN. If you are updating the dataset, the DOI does not change from the original one assigned. If you already have a DOI or other identifier, please list it here.

This field and your DOI are assigned automatically in CanWIN. If you have a citation preference, you can list it here. Otherwise data will be cited as:

Authors. Publication Date, [update frequency]. Dataset: [Dataset Title], Resource: [Subset used]. CanWIN,. DOI. Version

E.g.: McCullough, G; Stainton, M. 2014, updated as needed. Dataset: 2009 and 2011 LaSalle Watershed Water Quality Data. Resource: LaSalle Water Quality data 2011. CanWIN. http://dx.doi.org/10.5203/lwbin.ceos.2011.1. V.1

The data should be released in at least one open format e.g. CSV, XML, HTML, JSON, KML, GML, TXT, API. You can also release the native version of the data.

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