January 24, 2017

Project Submission

Project Submission Form

Submit the information about your project. If you also have data to submit, you can upload it to the CanWIN website. You can also download the interactive Project Submission Form to fill in offline by clicking the "Download the Project Submission Form." The CanWIN licence guide can also be downloaded by clicking on the "Download the CanWIN licence guide".

* indicates required field

Provide the name of the dataset. The name should use plain language and be easily understood by the public. Do not include Agency names, technical terms, acronyms and avoid dates.

Provide a detailed description on what the dataset is about e.g. why the data was collected, what it was designed to measure, any sources of errors. Acronyms should not be used. The description should be easily understood by members of the public. (e.g. This data resource was created to provide information about water quality locations in Manitoba and are intended for geographic display and analysis at regional, provincial, and local levels.)

A brief summary of the resource. Include information like: general content and features; dataset form (GIS, CAD, image, Dbase, etc.);geographic coverage (county/city name); time period of content (begin and end date or single date);special data characteristics or limitations.

State if data was collected under a larger research program. (e.g. ASP, Arctic Net, BREA, CASES, BaySys)

Main landing page for the project related to the data. If the data is published online but not in CanWIN, please provide this link.

Keywords (or Tags) represent the key topics of your dataset and help people find your dataset via the search engine. A dataset about Water Quality sampling on the LaSalle could have keywords such as water quality, LaSalle, nutrients, analysis.

The CanWIN licence Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Licence (CC BY-SA 4.0) is the preferred licence as it is the most open. Licence restrictions should be avoided where possible but should not prevent release of metadata. See the one page CanWIN Licences document for detailed licence information, or the CC website.

Technician or person who will be responsible for data management during and after the project.

Who does someone contact with questions about the data? For CEOS researchers you can use arcdata@umanitoba.ca

Inactive indicates data is no longer maintained or is historical

This is an optional field which can be used to make a dataset searchable by location. Ensure you enter your coordinates between after the "coordinates': field and add the } at the end.
You can use the Bounding Box Tool website to make your box, and choose GEOJSON as the format.

It will show up as dataset extent map at the top of the dataset. The value must be a valid GeoJSON geometry, eg: {
"coordinates":[[[2.05827, 49.8625],[2.05827, 55.7447], [-6.41736, 55.7447], [-6.41736, 49.8625], [2.05827, 49.8625]]]

Datasets are grouped by common themes or groups. Select which groups you want your data searchable by. CanWIN will assign the group when the data is loaded. You can select more than 1 group by holding the ctrl button when you select.

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